SECTION 1.1 Definition. The name of this organization shall be the Young Democrats of Cobb County (hereinafter referred to in this charter as the YDCC), affiliated with the Young Democrats of Georgia (YDG).
Through its affiliation with YDG, YDCC shall also be affiliated with the Young Democrats of America (YDA).
YDCC seeks a cooperative relationship with the Cobb County Democratic Committee (CCDC), Cobb Democratic Women (CDW), the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG), and other Democratic Party organizations and shall be guided by the actions of the Democratic Party assembled in state or national convention.

SECTION 2.1 Purpose. The purpose of the YDCC is to stimulate in the youth of Cobb County an active interest in governmental affairs; to increase the efficiency of popular government; to foster and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party; to recruit the most promising material for leadership; to encourage statesmanship; to aid the Democratic Party; to provide through its administration the highest degree of justice and social welfare; and to serve as a voice for young people within the Democratic Party.

SECTION 3.1. Eligibility. Any person at least fourteen (14) years of age but less than forty ( 40) years of age who professes and demonstrates allegiance to the principles of the Democratic Party, and resident of domiciliary within Cobb County, shall be eligible for active membership.
SECTION 3 .2. Active Members. An Active Member shall be an eligible member who has paid dues of at least $25 per year, unless the chapter has given a financial need waiver to said member.
SECTION 3 .3 Honorary Members. An Honorary Member is someone who has rendered service of outstanding character in the advancement of the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party and the YDCC, but is not of age to be deemed an Active Member of Young Democrats of Cobb County.
SECTION 3.4. Non-Discrimination Clause. In accordance with YDG charter and bylaws, YDCC shall not discriminate in membership or any proceeding, charter, bylaws or vote on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or identity, disability or past political activity.
SECTION 3.5. Affirmative Action Directive. YDCC shall make a good faith effort to recruit members of, and publicize events to, all segments of the population.
SECTION 3.6. Liability. The members of the YDCC shall not be liable for the debts or actions of the YDCC, except to the extent of any unpaid portion of their respective dues, nor shall the YDCC be liable for the unauthorized acts of any of its members unless so ratified by the YDCC Executive Committee. Where gross misspending or unauthorized spending occurs, said officer or officers involved shall be personally liable for any and all debts incurred.

SECTION 4.1 Elected officers. The elected officers of the YDCC shall be the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian.
SECTION 4.2 Terms. The term of officer shall be for one (1) year or until a successor is named. Elected officers shall assume their duties upon the close of the election meeting.
SECTION 4.3 Nominations. Each person seeking elected office must declare for the position(s) as per the Bylaws.
SECTION 4.4 Qualifications. Each person seeking elected office must be qualified for the position(s) as per the Bylaws.
SECTION 4.5 Turnover ofYDCC Property. Officers shall tum over all YDCC property to their successors as per the Bylaws.
SECTION 4.6 Vacancy. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Executive Vice President shall assume the role of President. In the event of a vacancy in an elected office ( except President), the YDCC Executive Committee shall elect by majority vote a person to fill the unexpired term at the first possible meeting following notification to the Executive Committee of the existence of the vacancy.
SECTION 4. 7 Removal from Office.
Section 4.7.1 Notice. The YDCC Executive Committee may, after giving written notice of intent to remove to the offending officer and to the Executive Committee, remove an elected officer for cause.
Section 4. 7 .2 Cause. Cause shall include but not be limited to, excessive absences or failure to fulfill duties of one's office. What constitutes "just cause" shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
Section 4. 7.3 Procedure. At the Executive Committee meeting mentioned in the notice of intent to remove, the Executive Committee shall meet to determine whether or not to remove the officer. A three-quarters (3/4) vote of the Executive Committee is required to move an officer from his/her position. Any officer subject to removal from office shall have the opportunity to present all witnesses, documents, and arguments in support of their position.
Section 4. 7.4 Attendance. All elected officers of the YDCC shall attend all executive committee meetings of the YDCC.
If the President is unable to attend a regular membership meeting, he or she shall so notify the Executive Vice President prior to that meeting. Such notification shall include the President's officer report.
If an elected officer other than the President is unable to attend a regular membership meeting, they shall so notify the President and Secretary in writing prior to that meeting. Such written notification shall include such officer's report.

Any elected officer who is absent from a regular membership meeting without notification as described above may submit a written explanation for the absence to the President and Secretary, as appropriate, within one week of the meeting. The President, or Secretary, as appropriate, may at their discretion, elect to excuse the officer's absence on the basis of such a written explanation. In all other cases, an absence without notification as described above shall be considered unexcused.
Any elected officer of YDCC who accumulates two consecutive unexcused absences shall be considered to have resigned as of the date of the second absence without necessity for any further action on the part of either the dismissed officer or members of the Executive Committee.
SECTION 4.8 Duties.
Section 4.8.1 President. The duties of the President shall be as follows:

•    Preside over the Executive Committee and all executive committee meetings
•    Preside over all general membership meetings
•    Communicate the time and place of all membership meetings to the officers and membership by all appropriate means, including, but not limited to, conventional mail, electronic mail, and the web site.
•    Act as the official representative of the YDCC at YDG, DPG, CCDC, and CDW functions, and represent YDCC to the public.
•    Serve as an ex officio member of the Cobb County Democratic Committee in accordance with Cobb County Democratic Committee's bylaws.
•    Coordinate the efforts of the other officers of the YDCC.
•    Provide an annual report at the January general meeting detailing the goals and long-term strategies of the YDCC.
•    Serve on the executive committee ofYDG in accordance with YDG's charter and bylaws.
•    Perform all duties assigned by the YDCC Executive Committee.

Section 4.8.2 Executive Vice President (EVP). The duties of the EVP shall be as follows:

•    Preside at all meetings in the absence of the President
•    Assume the office of President if it becomes vacant.

•    Shall maintain and update a list of all YDCC members in good standing
•    Shall provide in person or otherwise make available such list at all membership meetings.
•    Shall be responsible for planning and coordinating all activities in relation to organizational building.
•    Shall be responsible for planning community, political, and social events and other activities intended to stimulate political interest in the YDCC membership and prospective members.

Section 4.8.3 Secretary. The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:

•    Record and preserve minutes of the Executive Committee and general meetings. The Secretary shall make the minutes available within ten (10) days following the event via email or other electronic means

(or regular mail if requested) to all Executive Committee members
•    Keep records of meeting place and times and shall handle all correspondence as assigned by the President or Executive Committee.
•    Shall provide a copy of relevant YDCC documents, including such minutes and these By-Laws, at all regular membership meetings for inspection by all YDCC members.
•    Shall compose and disseminate by all appropriate means a newsletter containing information of interest to YDCC members, including, but not limited to, specific information regarding YDCC events and meetings.
•    Shall maintain and update the YDCC web site.
•    Shall act as the liaison between the YDCC and all media entities, and shall provide such entities with press releases and announcements concerning YDCC events and activities.
•    Shall prepare and disseminate printed and electronic documents or other material as necessary to facilitate the operation of the YDCC.

Section 4.8.4 Treasurer. The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

•    Have custody of all YDCC funds and shall report at each meeting of the Executive Committee the amount of funds in the YDG treasury, debts outstanding, deposits received, and any expenditures made since the last report.
•    Shall collect all dues paid to the YDCC and report the names of those paying dues to the Secretary.

•    Shall maintain the YDCC bank account, and keep a detailed record of all deposits, withdrawals, and related documentation.
•    Shall, in consultation with the other officers of the YDCC, prepare the YDCC Annual Budget, to be submitted to the membership for approval at the January general meeting.

Section 4.8.5 Parliamentarian. The Parliamentarian shall assist the Executive Committee, its committees and its members in their compliance with this charter under which the YDCC operates and will assist in drafting legislative proposals. The Parliamentarian shall also assist the Executive Committee and its committees with respect to matters of parliamentary procedure.

SECTION 5.1 Appointed Officers. The President, with the approval of the executive committee, shall have the power to appoint members of the YDCC to non-voting positions or ad-hoc committees at his/her discretion.
SECTION 5.2 Appointed Officers may be as follows:

•    Outreach and Service Chair
•    Membership Chair
•    Publicity Chair
•    Political Affairs Chair
•    Fundraising Chair
•    Social Chair

Section 5.3 Duties: The Appointed Officers shall oversee their respective committees as defined in Article VIII.

SECTION 6.1 Ex-Officio Officers. The Ex-Officio Officers of the YDCC shall be the immediate Past YDCC President and YDCC members elected or appointed to state or regional positions in the YDG.

SECTION 6.2 Duties: Ex-Officio Officers shall provide advice and any other appropriate assistance to the other officers of YDCC.

Section 7 .1.1. Voting. Only active members in good standing may vote in any meeting of the YDCC. Active membership shall be established at the meeting one month prior to an election, or earlier, for a member to be allowed to vote.
Section 7 .1.2. Proxy voting. No proxy or mail votes are acceptable.
Section 7.1.3. Office eligibility. Only active members in good standing may hold office in the YDCC.
SECTION 7 .2 Honorary Members
Section 7.2.1 Rights and duties. Honorary Members may attend meetings, but pay no dues, may not make or second motions, may not participate in debate unless an active member yields time to him/her, and may not vote.
SECTION 7 .2.2. Elections. The election for officers shall be held no earlier than March 1 but not later than April 1. Elections for President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian shall be held in that order. A majority of the members shall be present for an election to occur. In the event that no candidate receives a majority, the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall enter a run-off election to be contested immediately.
SECTION 7.2.3. Swearing In. Newly elected officers shall be sworn in no earlier than YDG convention in April and no later than the following general meeting in May.

SECTION 8.1 Standing Committees. The Standing Committees can include:

•    Outreach and Service Committee
•    Membership Committee
•    Publicity Committee
•    Political Affairs Committee
•    Fundraising Committee
•    Social Committee

SECTION 8.2 Outreach and Service Committee -This committee shall oversee outreach and service the Cobb county community as a whole. The goal of this committee is to help foster strategic relationships with people and organizations that share the goals and ideals ofYDCC. It shall be led by the Outreach and Service Chair and report its efforts to the President.
SECTION 8.3 Membership Committee -This committee shall oversee all membership and recruitment activities. The goal of this committee is to encourage a robust and diverse membership. It shall be led by the Membership Chair and report its efforts to the EVP.
SECTION 8.4 Publicity Committee -This committee shall oversee all efforts to publicize all YDCC events and efforts. The goal of this committee is to ensure that YDCC activities are widely publicized. It shall be led by the Publicity Chair and report its efforts to the Secretary.
SECTION 8.5 Political Affairs Committee -This committee shall oversee all political activities, including campaigning efforts and lobbying efforts. It shall be led by the Political Affairs Chair and shall report its efforts to the President.
SECTION 8.6 -Fundraising Committee -This committee shall oversee all fundraising activities for the chapter. The goal of this committee is to plan and execute all YDCC fundraising activities, to include at least one major fundraising event per year. It shall be led by the Fundraising Chair and report its efforts to the Treasurer.
SECTION 8.7 -Social Committee -This committee shall oversee all social activities. The goal of this committee is to plan all social events for the chapter. It shall be led by the Social Chair and reports its efforts to the EVP.


SECTION 9.1 Fiscal year. The YDCC fiscal year runs January 1 to December 31.
SECTION 9.2 Financial Authority. Budgetary commitments shall be submitted to the executive committee and approved by the President and Treasurer.

SECTION 10.1 Parliamentary Authority. Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern YDCC in all cases in which such rules are applicable and in which such rules are consistent with this Charter and any special rules of order the YDCC may adopt.

SECTION 11.1 Chapter Dissolution. In the event that YDCC dissolves, after all liabilities and obligations are satisfied, all funds in the chapter's treasury shall be transferred to the YDG treasury.