2020 - 2021 Executive Board

Victor Jones


Victor first became politically active in 2012, helping knock doors for President Barack Obama in his reelection campaign at his college campus. In 2018, Victor went on to pursue his Masters of Public Policy from Georgia State with a concentration in environmental policy and public finance, volunteering for numerous campaigns before entering graduate school.


In 2019 Victor had the honor of working for Minority Leader Trammell and the Georgia Democratic Caucus, helping to write whip reports and providing analysis on environmental bills. Victor then went on to work for the Office of Management and Budget in D.C. over that summer and came back to finish school this past year graduating in May of 2020.


Victor is excited to continue his work on the executive board and has made it his mission to grow membership this year and provide a voice for youth within Cobb County Democratic politics. Most importantly he wants the Young Democrats to be a force for good in the community where everyone feels welcome and included.

Branden Stokes


Branden Stokes is serving his first term as Vice President of the Young Democrats of Cobb County. He is truly excited and honored to serve this county and its constituents. Branden is very proud of all the things this organization has done here in Cobb, but he believes we can continue to do more. This has been a turbulent year and as your Vice President, he intends for this organization to continue the level of excellence this organization has shown thus far.


His focus will be to build strong relationships with other groups, campaigns, and politicians to impact change in Cobb County. Additionally, he will not only push for growth in our organization, but also for growth in registered and active voters in Cobb County. Voting is one of our most important rights and is very essential.


Kemar Newman


Kemar Newman is a transplant from Queens, New York. He spent the early part of his adulthood as a Marine Reservist. He has decided to become heavily involved in politics when his wife became pregnant with twins. Kemar began to see the world for what it is and realized that he did not want his daughters to grow up in a world that feared them because they were black. His hobbies are photography, shooting, and spending time with his daughters. Kemar'ss expectations for YDCC is to operate in a fashion that any member can cross over into the democratic party of GA without missing a beat. What that means is I want to educate and train our members so that they can execute our mission effectively.

Matthew Southwell


Matt Southwell has lived in Kennesaw, Georgia since April of 1991. After graduating from Kennesaw Mountain High School in 2004, he enrolled at Kennesaw State University in pursuit of an English Education degree. 

Matt has always been a politically-minded individual, and has voted in every election since 2004. The 2016 election cycle represented a turning point for him, as well as millions of others across America, and he decided to get more involved with the local party.


 After serving as secretary of the Young Democrats of Cobb in 2016 he chose to remain as the group's parliemntarian for the year 2021. Matt looks forward to mobilizing the youth of Cobb County to get involved in politics and build on the foundations that turned Cobb County blue in 2020 for the first time since Jimmy Carter.

When he is  engaged in political activism, or debating political issues with friends and associates, Matt enjoys spending as much time as possible with his three-year-old son, Kale.